After New Zealand Terror

I always hesitated to discuss my political view in my country. It is not because of what people think, but because they are always ready to get it wrong. After the mosque bombing in New Zealand, I really felt sorry for people who died. But I am not sorry because they are Muslims. It could be a church or a synagogue or a kindergarten or a mall… It really doesn’t matter. They were just people who lived just like us. They were children who were supposed to play, not die.

I couldn’t watch the videos, but in my beautiful country, in a public meeting, the leader of my country let his citizens to watch that brutal views on a huge projector. He made a black propaganda about New Zealand even if it isn’t that country’s fault. What kind of leader does something like that?

After 5 months, now I can see everything more clearly. But I cannot do anything. In a way I don’t want to, unfortunately. Turkish people who live here, stop to follow Turkish news. When I came here, at first, I didn’t understand why. Now I am in their shoes.

Maybe it is a feeling… Feeling ashamed, downtrodden, betrayed… I’ve never accepted this kind of a leader and I know I won’t ever. My one and only leader is ATATURK. But this is another topic title.

If you want to check the news I’m leaving a link here:


New York, My Dear Snow Globe!

New York is a huge snow globe for me. If I must confess, I’ve never wanted to live in this shiny but messy snow globe. But, you know what they say ”don’t talk big”. So here I am.

After my graduation from college, I decided to come to the U.S.A for my master’s degree. But my husband (at that time my fiancee) didn’t want me to go. Because long distance relationship is hard candy and I know/he knows I can’t chew it. He said ‘don’t go away, take your master’s degree here in Turkey and let’s get married. Promise I’ll take you to America some day.” So I stayed and changed my life line all over.

Before moving to New York, I came here as a tourist. Then I travelled to Chicago, Los Angeles and San Diego. So, we can say he kept his promise!

But in 2016 something had happened. Something unpredictable, something magical… Maybe you have heard about ‘greencard lottery’. It is a myth. You hear something about it but never see someone who wins it. Well, he is the hero in this myth. He joined the lottery just for fun and in a year we totally forgot about it. We were in London when we learnt the results. I still remember vividly that scene in my mind. ‘Ipek, I won the lottery’ he said and ‘Yeah, if you are the winner, I am the queen of United Kingdom’, I said. I didn’t believe him. And it was totally logical not to believe him.

After 2 years, last June on my birthday, we got the permisson for living and working here. And we decided to take this chance. I left my fun job, my lovely house, my dear mother and grandmother, life long friendships and my pretty little books. (Oh god, I miss my library so much!)

“To be a person who loves books is to be half in love with the idea of New York.” 
― Gwen Cooper, Homer’s Odyssey

I still don’t know if it is worth it but I can faithfully say that I love this
snow globe and I do believe in fairies.

Self-confidence is the new black!

The worst thing that can happen in the world (well in my world) is a difficult emotion. I always knew that if I can commit to feeling any emotion in order to get the result I want, then nothing can stop me.

”With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” Dalai Lama

Nowadays more and more people suffer from self-confidence problems. One of the reasons is bullying. Because bulliers of the high school remain to be bulliers today. We see them everywhere, in our professional life, in our daily life, maybe even in our family. In this kind of situations we have to trust ourselves and must have self-confidence to stand against all kinds of bullying.

Except from bullying, when you trust in yourself that you are able to bounce back from sadness, disappointment, frustration, depression and any other difficult emotions, then you can enter any situation with confidence.

Gaining self-confidence is thought based on our past experiences. This is wrong. Because it based on our thinking. Never underestimate power of thinking. As we know there will always be things we want to do that we have never done before and if we think and rely on our experiences to make us self-confident, there will always be a gap in our belief that we can do it.

Don’t forget, you are the most important human being in the world. Because there won’t be any other you. Think yourself, love yourself, trust yourself!

memories of songs

I was sitting at Central Park and thinking. It was such an ordinary day but i felt like there was a just a little difference. I heard something coming from deep and closed my eyes.

It is 6.45 pm. I am on Besiktas-Kadikoy ferry. The opera singer sitting behind me starts to sing an Azeri song. His voice is so smooth and magical. It makes me think that ‘ why don’t I have such a God-given voice!’ That’s why I listen to him more carefully but more sadly because song’s lyrics touch my heart with sorrow.

When i opened my eyes, I knew what is that difference. Another time, another country, another me but same music. I smiled and tought: Music is universal.

Local Bridal and Family Photographer Ipek Duman Joins Nikon Ambassador Program

West New York, NJ – On February 21, Nikon announced the addition of a new photographer to the Ambassador Program, which helps professional photographers thrive in their business while inspiring all others to step up and challenge their creativity. Amongst the new addition include New York- based bridal and family photographer Ipek Duman.

Duman, who is a boutique photographer since 2009, is a bridal and family photographer with a flair for delivering a natural portrayal of her subjects. Her work has been published in her hometown Istanbul, Turkey has been featured in dozens of social media outlets.

Nikon’s announcement declared, “ Duman’s image style conveys the special touch that makes her a gifted photographer.”

The founding ideology of Nikon’s Ambassador Program, which is to empower photographers through motivation and education, and work directly with Nikon to communicate the needs of an evolving photo industry.

For more information on Ipek Duman, contact her at (917) 470-4323 or email To view Ipek Duman’s work, visit and connect with her on Instagram at @ipekdumanphotography

To learn more about Nikon’s Ambassador Program, please visit the website at Nikon is one of the world’s leading suppliers of products based on opto-electronics and precision technologies.


About Ipek Duman

She is a New York City based Photographer with a decade of experience in couples photography and desire to wedding, family and save the date photo shoots. Besides her family and wedding photography career, she has worked at fashion and cosmetic sectors as a photographer.