After New Zealand Terror

I always hesitated to discuss my political view in my country. It is not because of what people think, but because they are always ready to get it wrong. After the mosque bombing in New Zealand, I really felt sorry for people who died. But I am not sorry because they are Muslims. It could be a church or a synagogue or a kindergarten or a mall… It really doesn’t matter. They were just people who lived just like us. They were children who were supposed to play, not die.

I couldn’t watch the videos, but in my beautiful country, in a public meeting, the leader of my country let his citizens to watch that brutal views on a huge projector. He made a black propaganda about New Zealand even if it isn’t that country’s fault. What kind of leader does something like that?

After 5 months, now I can see everything more clearly. But I cannot do anything. In a way I don’t want to, unfortunately. Turkish people who live here, stop to follow Turkish news. When I came here, at first, I didn’t understand why. Now I am in their shoes.

Maybe it is a feeling… Feeling ashamed, downtrodden, betrayed… I’ve never accepted this kind of a leader and I know I won’t ever. My one and only leader is ATATURK. But this is another topic title.

If you want to check the news I’m leaving a link here:


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